Week 1: Science and Creativity

Join the Google Jamboard and add a sticky note to say a bit about who you are and why you're interested in creative science.

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Activity 1: Introduce yourself
Writing a Sticky Note
Activity 2: Intro to Creative Science
Watch our introduction video to get an idea of what we mean by creative science
Activity 3: Scientific Discovery
Watch the video which gives you a view of Siccar Point, some of which will be similar to that James Hutton would have seen as he approached the rocks from the sea.

  • What can you see? 
  • What patterns are there in the rocks? 
  • What does this suggest about their origins? 
Next, watch this one to discover what we now know about the geology of Siccar Point thanks to Hutton’s creative work!
It is amazing to think that Hutton’s theories all came from his ability to look at the rocks and landscape around him and think creatively about what he was seeing. You could read more about James Hutton's observations or watch the video explaining what he found. If you live nearby you might even want to plan a visit for yourself.
Using James Hutton and Siccar Point as inspiration, research an example of where creative thinking has led to the  invention of a scientific discovery, process or design. This might be a famous example e.g. What inspired Darwin to begin his studies on evolution?  Was gravity really discovered because Newton was hit on the head with an apple?

Or, you might choose to look for more local discoveries. Scotland is full of rich landscapes and great thinkers whose discoveries have contributed lots to science; maybe there is a hill  near you that is more interesting than you think or a local character that came up with a great invention?

You can complete this task as an individual or involve your students in the process. You might want to encourage them to make discoveries for themselves, exploring a local area and investigating what they find or writing their own interpretations of why something looks the way it is.

Post a short write up of your findings along with any images or footage you feel help to tell the story on the padlet below.

The following resources may provide inspiration as a starting point:


Here you can find video transcripts for this module and word versions of pdf documents that can be used with e-readers.