Week 3: Creative Science in Practice

Creative Science Activity Packs
Explore videos and interdisciplinary learning resources related to some different areas of science below.
Pick one of the activities to try out with your learners, or if you aren't able to run these activities, think about how you can encourage creative thinking through activities that you are already doing in your classroom.

These resources from Education Scotland might help you:

       Creativity Skills Spider Diagram
       Creativity Skills Planning Checklist

You can find even more great resources from Education Scotland to help you in planning for and evaluating creativity here.

In the next module we will ask you to share your experience of encouraging creativity and creative thinking through science.
Image by Oliver Paaske
All About Rocks
Watch this video where Geologist Emma Paterson explains some of the science behind rock formation of different types and looks at how you can identify rock types. You might want to share the video, or sections of it with your learners in advance of trying out the Chocolate Rocks practical activity below.

Chocolate Rocks Activity

Watch this video demonstration where Sophie shows you how to carry out a practical activity which represents the rock cycle using chocolate.

Further Resources
Download the pdf file to accompany this activity. It contains further background science to support your delivery of the session, curricular links, step by step instructions to support you in conducting the activity with your learners as well as worksheets and activities that you might want to use to take the activity further.
Further Resources:
Here you can find video transcripts for this module and word versions of pdf documents that can be used with e-readers.