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Week 2: Goal 14 - Life Below Water

Activity 1: The importance of a healthy ocean
Welcome to week two of the Life Below Water Programme.
Watch the video where Natalie, a Marine Biologist, talks about the importance of a healthy ocean, and why Goal 14: Life Below Water matters.
A suggestion of how to use this video:
  1. Download and print images from the Introduction to Life Below Water activity booklet (found below). Alternatively, find equivalent items that are a close match.
  2. Play the Importance of a Healthy Ocean video, pausing the video to do the activity.
  3. Hand out images or items to your learners.
  4. Ask your learners to discuss and think about how their object relates to the ocean. Have they seen or used it before?
  5. Continue on with the video to discover how each object is related to a healthy ocean and its use by humans!
Activity 2: Sustainability Compass
Complete a Sustainability Compass for something related to the ocean. This could be anything from a beach nearby, a fish & chip shop, or a fishing boat.

Click the compass image to download a template.
Activity 3: Why it matters
Click the image to the right to download the UN's resource on why Life Below Water matters.

Have a discussion with your class about why they think a healthy ocean might be important.
If your class isn't very chatty you could ask each learner to write their idea on a post-it note and add it to the board, discussing what people have put as a class.

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