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Week 2: Goal 15 - Life on Land

Activity 1: The importance of biodiversity
Welcome to week two of the Life on Land programme.
Watch the video where Laura, our ecologist, talks about the importance of biodiversity and why Goal 15: Life on Land matters.
A suggestion of how to use this video:
  1. Watch the video with your class, pausing for the activity.
  2. With your class: think of a recent time you walked somewhere outside, this could be on the way to school, at break time, or somewhere they've been on a weekend. Make a list of all of the living things they can remember seeing. Did they see trees? Birds? Insects?
  3. Download the activity sheet to record your learners’ answers. Talk about what you saw as a group. What was the most interesting thing? What did lots of people see?
  4. Share your answers with us on Twitter. @ourdynamicearth
Activity 2: Sustainability Compass
Complete a Sustainability Compass for farming in either a tropical or temperate zone environment.

Click the compass to download a template.
Activity 3: Ecosystems
Here we're sharing a few of the learning resources that you can find on Dynamic Earth Online for you to have a go at with your learners. Click on the images to the left to open the resource.

The food web activity will highlight the links between flora and fauna, and living and non-living parts of an ecosystem.

We have also provided an outdoor survey sheet for you to download. Take your class outdoors to complete the surveys themselves. There are two to choose from: lichens or pollinators.

Before undertaking outdoor activities have a look at the risk assessments for outdoor learning. You could get your class involved in assessing the risks themselves.
Activity 4: Why it matters
Click the image to the right to download the UN's resource on why Life on Land Matters.

Have a discussion with your class about why they think biodiversity might be important.
If your class isn't very chatty you could ask each learner to write their idea on a post-it note and add it to the board, discussing what people have put as a class.
If they prefer to learn visually, you could create your own ecosystem on the board by each learner adding a living organism! Think about what each organism does in the ecosystem.
Why it matters p1 jpg.jpg
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