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Week 3: Threats to Life on Land

Activity 1: Deforestation
Welcome to week three of the Life on Land programme.
  1. Start off by watching this video where you’ll meet Ranald, who will explain one of the major threats to life on land: deforestation. Pause the video where prompted to complete the activities.
  2. Download our activity sheet to record your learners’ answers.
  3. Follow our links and try out the activities below for more information on some of the threats your learners may have come up with.
As a follow up activity for you and/or your learners, reflect on how each of the Sustainability Compass directions may be affected in an area undergoing deforestation.
Activity 2: Get hands-on!
Try out some of our hands-on resources with your learners.
Image by Kyle Cleveland
Image by nrd
Image by Zulnureen Shariff
Image by Justin DoCanto
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