Week 3: Threats to Life on Land

Activity 1: Deforestation
Watch the video where Ranald explains one of the major threats to life on land.
A suggestion of how to use this video:
  • Play video. When prompted, pause the video for the activity
  • You can download our activity sheet to record your learners’ answers.
  • Follow our links and try out the activities below for more information on some of the threats your learners may have come up with
Activity for you and/or your learners:
How might each of the Sustainability Compass directions be affected in an area undergoing deforestation?
Activity 2: Get hands-on!
Try out some of our hands-on resources with your learners.
Image by Kyle Cleveland
Indigenous solutions to climate change
Image by nrd
Rainforest shop
Image by Zulnureen Shariff
Endangered creatures
Image by Justin DoCanto
Butterfly count