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Learning Pathway
Scotland's Landscape
Scotland has a wide range of landscapes, and an immense geological history. Discover more about Scotland's past, present and maybe even future landscapes in this Learning Pathway. Topics covered include glaciation, water erosion, 'Father of Geology' James Hutton and how the climate crisis may shape Scotland's future.
Step 1: Scotland's Timeline
bjorn-snelders-Cd3Ek7rNXSk-unsplash (1).
Read a short history of Scotland's geological past.
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Step 2: How Glaciers Shape the Land
Image by Samuel Pucher
The glacial features of Holyrood Park video
Step 3: How Water Shapes the Land
What is erosion?
(Page 1)
Step 4: James Hutton and Siccar Point
Discover the story of James Hutton - a Scottish scientists who made huge breakthroughs about how Planet Earth works (page 1).
Step 5: Scotland from Above - How will the coastline change?
Using satellite imagery and projections of sea level rise, discover how Scotland's landscape will continue to change in the near future.
Coming soon...
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