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E is for Eruptions

Volcanoes are gaps in the surface of the Earth where lava, rocks and gases can escape. When this happens we call it an eruption. Although we don’t have any active volcanoes in Scotland, we do have many extinct ones! In Edinburgh, Arthur’s Seat, Castle Rock and many of the other hills in the city are ancient volcanoes! Today you are going to study volcanoes and become a volcanologist.


Learn about a real life volcanologists and making your own erupting volcano!

Discover what is happening deep under the surface of the earth to make the volcano erupt here!

You can also go out and look for volcanic rocks in your local area. There is a great guide on the BBC Bitesize website or you can tag us in your photo on social media and ask for our help!

Edinburgh Scavenger Hunt Photo: Arthur's Seat

General Scavenger Hunt Photo: An interesting rock - Do you think your rock came from a volcano?

Don’t forget to tag us in your scavenger hunt photos to enter our prize draw at the end of the holidays!


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