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M is for Methane and Burping Cows

Greenhouse gases create something called the greenhouse effect. Lots of things that humans do make more greenhouse gases and this is causing global warming. One of these greenhouse gases is called Methane and lots of it is made by burping cows.

Join the session at 10am to learn some brilliant climate change facts and how the greenhouse effect works!


Learn all about the greenhouse effect here.

Discover different sources of greenhouse gasses by playing our source or sink game!

Young people around the world are helping to fight climate change. Check out this video by a group in the western Isles who were looking at how climate change was affecting their local communities

Edinburgh Scavenger Hunt Photo: The glasshouse or greenhouse at the botanic gardens.

General Scavenger Hunt Photo: A picture of something which is a source of greenhouse gases.

Don’t forget to tag us in your scavenger hunt photos to enter our prize draw at the end of the holidays!


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