Climate and Sustainability
Foods for the Future
Learn more about the food we eat, and its impact on the environment!
Nemonte Nenquimo
Learn about this indigenous environmental campaigner and how you can make a difference!
Find out about The Great Green Wall and its impact on the fight against climate change.
Download this wonderful Wetland Fact Sheet from Ramsar Convention on Wetlands.
Tropical Rainforest Exploration
Explore the wonders of the rainforest, and learn how to protect them with a game of Rainforest Bingo!
Solar Power
Watch our video and learn more about this form of renewable energy!
Ecosystem Restoration
Check out these interactive models and work out how we can improve our planet!
Air Quality
Find out about air quality, why it's important, and how to do an air quality experiment of your own!
Ice Cores
Discover how scientist use ice cores to learn about global temperatures.
Wind Power
Find out how it works and make your own pinwheel at home.
The Science of Climate Change
What is happening in our atmosphere, and how is the Earth getting hotter?
Get involved and play our (fun) Rubbish Game!
What is COP26 and how you can get involved.
Weather Vs Climate
Watch our video on the weather and climate - a useful thing to understand to protect our planet!
Ocean Acidification
Learn the background science and two exciting experiments!
Cold Water Coral Reefs
Find out about Scottish reefs, the threats they face and how scientists are working to protect them.
The story of the photo that changed the world from National Geographic.
Why Rainforests are Important
Rainforests are amazing places, watch our video to learn more about these incredible environments.
Source or Sink
Try and work out the sources and sinks of greenhouse gasses.
The Albedo Effect
Noticed how bright the sun is when it's reflected off the snow? Watch our video to learn why!
Earth From Above
Find out what satellites can observe, and do your own satellite activity from home.
The Greenhouse Effect
Watch our amazing animation, explaining how the greenhouse effect works!
Rainforest Alliance
Learn more about this organisation and enjoy fun online activities and games!
Rainforest Guardians
Meet the Achuar Community and find out what you can do to help the rainforests.
Desert Conservation
Learn about the 10 Deserts Project, and measure carbon in the trees around you!
Polar Conservation
Conservation in the Arctic and the impact of the Albedo Effect.
Tropical Savannah Climate
Learn how plants and animals have evolved to survive in this biome!
River Pollution
Many of our rivers are heavily polluted, find out more and how to make your own river soup, yuck!
Protecting Our Rivers
Learn about the Mekong River, and the communities that live along it.
Loads of waste? Why not turn it into ecobricks and be part of the worldwide movement!
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