Lunar Landers
Landing safely on the surface is important, learn more and build your very own lunar lander!
Find out more about orbits and make your own orrery!
Astrobiology: Mars
We've teamed up with AstrobiologyOU to learn all about our red neighbour, Mars!
UAE Hope Probe
Find out more about this mission and track the location of the probe!
Astrobiology: Meet the Researchers
Learn about the research group, AstrobiologyOU, and do your own gaseous experiment!
Scale of the Solar System
Watch our video to learn more and try your own solar system craft!
Satellite Navigation
Find out how it works and make some navigation art!
The story of the photo that changed the world from National Geographic.
Earth From Above
Find out what satellites can observe, and do your own satellite activity from home.
Astronaut Mission Badges
You are the captain of your own space mission and have to design a patch for your crew!
Lego Mars Rover
Your challenge is to design and make your own Mars Rover.
Exploring the Moon
Earth's only natural satellite and our closest neighbour in space - Learn more here!
International Space Station
What the ISS has helped us understand, and a fun gravity activity!
Are we alone in the universe? Find out what Astrobiology is, and how they are answering this.
How Far is the Moon
Work out how far away the Moon is from earth using balls in your home!
Learn about Spaceports and why the UK is a such great location to have them!
The Northern Lights
Find out about this amazing phenomenon and how you might be able to see it in Scotland!
Margaret Hamilton
American computer scientist and systems engineer, learn more about her work on the Apollo program!
Williamina Fleming
Learn about Williamina's astronomy career and even do a galaxy classification activity!
The Event Horizon Telescope
Learn about black holes and design your own with paper, crayons and paint!
James Webb Space Telescope
What is the JWST and how does it work?
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