Ice and Salt
Find out why we put salt on the roads to stop them from getting icy.
Solar Power
Watch our video and learn more about this form of renewable energy!
Tornado in a Bottle
Learn about how they are formed and make your own!
Learn about rainbows and make your own at home!
Tropical Savannah Climate
Make your own watering hole for your local birds!
The British Antarctic Survey
Scientists working in Antarctica help us understand the oceans, climate change, weather, and more!
Clouds Time Lapse
Clouds give an insight as to how dynamic the weather can be - Watch here!
Find out why it is so rare and why the boom of the thunder is so loud!
At Dynamic Earth we love snow but do you know how it is formed? Find out here!
The Water Cycle
Learn about the water cycle and do your own condensation experiment!
Cloud Spotting
Learn more about clouds and what they can teach us about the weather.
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