For Educators
Below you will find our fully curriculum-linked resources. Ideally suited for teachers, community learning and development practitioners and other educators.
Learning Pathways
Our Learning Pathways link together hands-on activities, videos and reading material into a narrative driven learning experience, focussing on one area of science. They are flexible by design, can be adapted to any classroom environment and incorporate many exciting activities.
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Outdoor Learning

Learning Level 1 & 2


Learning Level 2

Nature Based Solutions

Learning Level 2 and 3

Our World's Weather

Learning Level 2
Digital Workshops
Our Digital Workshops incorporate educational videos with hands-on activities and experiments to provide the full Dynamic Earth workshop experience from your own classroom. Assembly or resources required, but otherwise ready to deliver.
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Destination Space

Beyond the Visible Universe

The story of the James Webb Space Telescope and thinking about the bigger questions of the Universe - How are stars made? Is there other life? How did the Universe begin?
More workshops coming soon...