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Live Online Workshops
With thanks to support from the Scottish Government, we are delighted to once again be offering free online live workshops for primary school pupils across remote and rural locations throughout Scotland – who may find accessing our centre more challenging.

 Sessions are led by our specialist Learning and Engagement team and delivered online via Microsoft Teams, available on select Mondays and Fridays at 2pm throughout the 2022-23 school year.

See below for more information about the workshops on offer.


 P1 - P3   30 minutes 

Join some dinosaurs on an adventure to find their friends & family after a violent volcanic eruption destroys their home. Discover what made these dinosaurs so magnificent 250 - 65 million years ago (watch out for the T-Rex!)!
IOM  (1).JPG

 Puffin Detectives 
 P2 - P4   30 minutes 

Help Tammie and Norrie, two pufflings from the Isle of May, uncover how climate change is affecting their home, and their dinner! Through an interactive storytelling workshop pupils will gather evidence to solve the climate mystery.
Image by Li-An Lim

 Climate Change 
 P5- P7   45 minutes 

Pupils will investigate what climate change is, what’s contributing to it, and some innovative ways being developed to help undo some of the worst impacts in our fun, interactive Climate Change workshop!
Image by Sigmund

 Plastic Smart 
 P4 - P7   45 minutes 

Look into the future of our planet! We will talk about one of the most topical problems currently faced by our environment. What exactly is the problem with plastic?

Online Live Workshop Schedule for 2022

Term 3

Friday 5th May                           Puffins Detectives

Monday 8th May                       Dinosaurs

Friday 19th May                         Climate Change

Friday 26th May                        Puffins Detectives

Monday 5th June                     Plastic Smart

Friday 16th June                        Dinosaurs

Monday 19th June                   Climate Change

Friday 23rd June                      Plastic Smart

Monday 26th June                  Puffins Detectives


To take part, you’ll need access to a computer with an internet connection and the ability to join a Microsoft Teams call. You’ll need a screen that your pupils can see and the ability to play audio through speakers. You won’t need a microphone or webcam. 
As part of the workshop, you will be able to see and hear our presenter, but they won’t be able to see or hear you or your pupils. You won’t be able to see or hear any other classes on the call either. 
Our workshops are interactive, so there’s a little bit of prep involved to help you get the most out of the sessions with your class. Don’t worry, we’ll send you out a teacher guide telling you everything you need to know. 
To book please email or give us a call on 0131 550 7800 
Feedback from teachers on our online workshop
programme has included: 

“Pupils were thoroughly engaged throughout the session - they really enjoyed the quizzes and both of these generated a lot of discussion. The pupils came away with a renewed vigour for the subject. The booking system was excellent, responses were fast and very friendly” 

 “The children really enjoyed the games and being able to take part rather than just having to listen to someone talking. The information was pitched at the right level so that they understood everything that was being discussed” 

“The storytelling itself was great. The presenter was very engaging and children loved the puppets and joining in with the actions! The children also loved seeing the models and fossils! They were amazed to see the size of the different parts of the dinosaur - and the poo! It was so nice to experience something different. Thank you!” 

 “Interactive and a good length of session to keep pupils engaged! The session flew by and we loved it. We have been studying Plastics in the Ocean for our Eco topic this term and the session fit in perfectly at the end of our topic to consolidate our knowledge and to pick up some new info too.” 

 “This workshop meant our pupils, who live rurally in the Highlands, were able to engage in a workshop they may otherwise be unable to attend.” 

 “That this links to multiple areas of CfE and Learning for Sustainability, creating learning experiences which are engaging and provoke interesting discussions amongst learners” 

 “Definitely worthwhile for schools like ours who have limited options for trips” 

 “Living in a rural area sessions like this allow our children to have the same experiences as city children.” 

 “The expertise on the subject were amazing, I wouldn't have known half of the stuff that was discussed. We need more workshops like this. Well done to all those that planned and contributed to bringing this workshop about.” 

 “The sessions were interesting, using ideas that we may not have had the information to deliver. They were pitched at the right level for our learners and have left us wanting to learn more.” 
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