Mould Growth Experiment
Have you ever wondered what makes old food turn mouldy? Try our experiment to find out why!
Fill out our activity sheet all about the impact of the climate crisis on Fairtrade.
Pack Your Bags!
We have teamed up with our friends from Leidos who work with NASA to support space exploration!
Inside a Volcano
Learn about all the cool features you can find inside a volcano!
Lunar Landers
Landing safely on the surface is important, learn more and build your very own lunar lander!
Humpback Whales
Find out more about these amazing creatures and make your very own whale!
Perfect Planet
Can you design your own perfect Planet Earth?
Astrobiology: Mars
We've teamed up with AstrobiologyOU to learn all about our red neighbour, Mars!
Lego Mars Rover
Your challenge is to design and make your own Mars Rover!
Nemonte Nenquimo
Learn about this indigenous environmental campaigner and how you can make a difference!
Dr Anjana Khatwa
Find out more about this Geologist and Earth Scientist, and do some local fossil spotting.
UAE Hope Probe
Find out more about this mission and track the location of the probe!
What is a Volcanologist?
Learn all about Dr Kayla Iacovino and make your own exploding volcano at home!
Nectar Collectors
Listen to the story and complete the worksheet.
Storytelling Dice
Make your own set of story dice and use them to tell stories about our amazing planet!
Download this wonderful Wetland Fact Sheet from Ramsar Convention on Wetlands.
Storytelling Walk
Do your own on-the-go storytelling to brighten up your journey!
Bird Feeders
Birds have adapted to live alongside humans, but sometimes its nice to give them a helping hand!
Lava Lamp
Learn the science and make your own in a glass at home!
Astrobiology: Meet the Researchers
Learn about the research group, AstrobiologyOU, and do your own gaseous experiment!
Scale of the Solar System
Watch our video to learn more and try your own solar system craft!
Tropical Rainforest Exploration
Explore the wonders of the rainforest, and learn how to protect them with a game of Rainforest Bingo!
Use our guide to help you spot the squirrel homes!
Solar Power
Watch our video and learn more about this form of renewable energy!
Learn about this newly discovered mineral and grow your own edible crystals!
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