Planet Earth
Find out how they occur and make your own in a glass!
Dr Anjana Khatwa
Find out more about this Geologist and Earth Scientist, and do some local fossil spotting.
What is a Volcanologist?
Learn all about Dr Kayla Iacovino and make your own exploding volcano at home!
Download this wonderful Wetland Fact Sheet from Ramsar Convention on Wetlands.
Learn about this newly discovered mineral and grown your own edible crystals!
Desert Conservation
Learn about the 10 Deserts Project, and measure carbon in the trees around you!
The Northern Lights
Find out about this amazing phenomenon and how you might be able to see it in Scotland!
Scottish Deserts
Learn about Scotland's desert past, and where you can spot stones made from ancient sand dunes.
Geology in the Serengeti
Learn about the incredible features of the Serengeti
How Water Shapes the Land
Learn how can water carve such huge formations and landscapes, and make your own stalactites.
Glacial Formations
Do you know how ice carved out these features? Try it out for yourself here!
Design a Dinosaur
Can you design a dinosaur based on our fossil clues?
Ice Cores
Discover how scientist use ice cores to learn about global temperatures.
Earthquake Resistant Buildings
Learn the facts and design your own earthquake resistant building.
Challenger Deep
Explore Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench - The lowest point on the Earth's crust!
Glacial Boulders
Find out about these rocks in Holyrood Park and how they got there!
Goma: A City of Balance
Learn about this city and the impact of the two active volcanos nearby.
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