Outdoor Activities
Dr Anjana Khatwa
Find out more about this Geologist and Earth Scientist, and do some local fossil spotting.
Storytelling Walk
Do your own on-the-go storytelling to brighten up your journey!
Use our guide to help you spot squirrel homes!
Satellite Navigation
Find out how it works and make some navigation art!
Winter Bug Hunt
Let's go on a hunt for winter beasties and learn how to make your own pinecone spider!
The Secret Life of Trees
Why do you think trees are important for us and our environment?
Wildlife Bingo
Can you spot this wildlife in your local area?
Autumn Artwork
Get involved with our rainbow challenge, scavenger hunt and giant art attack!
Bushcraft Skills
Learning a few bushcraft skills could be the difference between life and death in the wild!
Bird Feeders
Birds have adapted to live alongside humans, but sometimes its nice to give them a helping hand!
Lovely Leaves
When you are out in your local area why not collect some fallen leaves and make some cool artwork!
Liking the Lichens
Four fantastic activities all about lichen!
Trees and Carbon Storage
Tree identification and find out how much carbon is stored in trees!
Air Quality
Find out about air quality, why it's important, and how to do an air quality experiment of your own!
Beach Treasure Hunt
Watch this video and see what treasures you can find!
Play our wildlife bingo and make a seed bomb to throw in your garden
Animal Homes Spotters Guide
Use our handy guide to spot the wildlife homes!
Nature Spotting and Citizen Science
Camera traps and wildlife spotting are fun Citizen Science projects to try while at home!
Sonic Spot
Listening to natural sounds can help you relax, connect with nature by pausing and listening.
Marvellous Minibeasts
Take part in our fun, outdoor Minibeast Hunt activity.
Window Wildlife Watch
Get spotting together and see who can win our Window Wildlife Bingo!
Brilliant Butterflies
Cool facts and fun activities, including the annual Big Butterfly Hunt in your local area.
Plant Survival
Let’s see if we can spot any adaptations in the plants around us.
Scottish Deserts
Learn about Scotland’s desert past, and where you can spot stones made from ancient sand dunes.
Tropical Savannah Climate
Make your own watering hole for your local birds!
Survival Skills
Make your own solar still to clean any water you might come across in the wilderness.
Desert Conservation
Discover ways we can help protect the future of deserts from our own back gardens!
Arctic Foxes and Camouflage
Test your camouflage skills with our fun arctic-themed outdoor game!
The Great Migration
Learn how to navigate using just an analogue watch and the sun!
Freshwater Fun
Explore a pond in your garden or local park to go dipping
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