DIY Science and Crafts
Find out more about orbits and make your own orrery!
Find out what it is, and do your own ink experiment!
Find out how they occur and make your own in a glass!
Ice and Salt
Find out why we put salt on the roads to stop them from getting icy.
What is a Volcanologist?
Learn all about Dr Kayla Iacovino and make your own exploding volcano at home!
Bird Feeders
Birds have adapted to live alongside humans, but sometimes its nice to give them a helping hand!
Lava Lamp
Learn the science and make your own in a glass at home!
Astrobiology: Meet the Researchers
Learn about the research group, AstrobiologyOU, and do your own gaseous experiment!
Scale of the Solar System
Watch our video to learn more and try your own solar system craft!
Learn about this newly discovered mineral and grow your own edible crystals!
Tornado in a Bottle
Learn about how they are formed and make your own!
Capillary Action and Surface Tension
Try our experiment to see capillary movement and surface tension in action!
Air Quality
Find out about air quality, why it's important, and how to do an air quality experiment of your own!
Winter Bug Hunt
Let's go on a hunt for winter beasties and learn how to make your own pinecone spider!
Coding Bracelets
Find out your initials in binary and turn it into a cool bracelet that you can wear.
Bubble Mania
Make your own bubble art!
Get involved and play our (fun) Rubbish Game!
Wind Power
Find out how it works and make your own pinwheel at home.
Ocean Acidification
Learn the background science and two exciting experiments!
Toaster Hot Air Balloon
Make your own toaster hot air balloon - All you need is a toaster and a plastic bag!
Design a Dinosaur
Can you design a dinosaur based on our fossil clues?
Glacial Formations
Do you know how ice carved out these features? Try it out for yourself here!
Source or Sink
Try and work out the sources and sinks of greenhouse gasses.
Follow the instructions to create a magnetic compass.
Earth From Above
Find out what satellites can observe, and do your own satellite activity from home.
Bushcraft Skills
Learning a few bushcraft skills could be the difference between life and death in the wild!
Fibonacci Sequence
Learn more about this mathematical sequence found in nature.
Water Surface Tension
How many coins can you add before the surface tension breaks?
Shine a Light on the Deep Sea
Design your own ocean scene to look like colourful coral reefs!
Hydrothermal Vents
Learn about these underwater vents and make your own!
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