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Learning Pathway
Climate Change & COP26
This learning pathway establishes what climate change is by examining the underlying science as well as stories of people who have been directly affected by it. Pupils will then build on this knowledge by exploring what countries and governments are doing to combat the impacts through events like COP26, and identify what can be achieved through individual and collective action.
Step 1: What is Climate Change?
Image by Guillaume de Germain
Complete a survey to identify what the class knows about climate change, and what they want to find out.
Step 2: What is caused by climate change?
Image by Torsten Dederichs
Refresh your knowledge of the greenhouse effect and learn what some of the impacts of climate change will be in the UK and beyond with the Met Office (the UK's national weather service) and a climate scientist.
Step 3: What are people doing to combat climate change?
Learn what a COP is, why COP26 was an especially important event, and think about why this was an exciting opportunity for Scotland.
Step 4: What can I do to combat climate change?
Image by Noah Buscher
If world leaders, countries and other big groups can combat climate change, what can individuals do? Read this to get some ideas of easy things you can try to help.
Thank you for joining us. Please get in touch about further ways we can support your learners. We also love hearing your feedback! 
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