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Learning Pathway
Discover the Deep
Discover just how deep the deep ocean is and what challenges such an extreme environment poses to both the creatures that live there and scientists trying to study it.
Step 1: The Challenger Deep
Read all about the deepest part of our ocean known as The Challenger Deep.
Step 2: Habitats of the Deep
Scuba Diver in Reef
Take a swim around a Deep-Sea Coral Reef with this Video of Rockall Bank, West of Scotland.
Step 3: Adaptation in the Deep
Image by Jonathan Diemel
Meet some of the animals that live in the deep sea and read about how they are adapted to the harsh conditions.
Step 4: Studying the Deep
Travel through a timeline of deep sea discoveries from the 1800s to present day.
Step 5: Threats to the Deep
Close up of cold water corals in the NE Atlantic.JPG
Discover what threats Cold Water Coral Reefs are facing.
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