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Learning Pathway
This learning pathway is all about earthquakes, including what causes them, historical occurrences, and what they mean for us. It also looks at what people and scientists have been doing to make us more resilient to earthquakes. Three themes will be covered: earthquake prediction, robust buiding and risk reducing.
Step 1: Introduction
Image by Colin Lloyd
Have a go at our quick quiz to see how much you know about earthquakes already!
Step 2: Force of earthquakes
Understand what we mean by 'magnitude' and what kind of damage earthquakes can do.
Step 3: Earthquakes around the world
Based on your knowledge of tectonic plates, have a go at identifying the world's high-risk areas on a map.
Step 4: Earthquake prediction
Read about how scientists try to predict earthquakes. Then your task is to invent a new way to predict earthquakes!
Step 5: Reducing risk
In your classroom, think about how could we make ourselves safer against earthquakes? What kind of buildings might be a good idea?
Thank you for joining us. Please get in touch about further ways we can support your learners. We also love hearing your feedback! 
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