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Learning Pathway
Nature Based Solutions
Explore the science behind the climate emergency. Find out about the causes of the changing chemistry of our atmosphere, the impacts on biodiversity and the nature-based solutions that could build a plan for a healthy future of the planet.  
Step 1: The Science of Climate Change
Image by ActionVance
First of all, read this article to find out what is happening in our atmosphere that leads to climate change.
Step 2: Nature's Carbon Sinks
Image by Lingchor
Try and come up with a few reasons as to why rainforests are important and think about what benefits they bring to the planet. Watch the video and see which of the ways directly relate to climate change.
Step 3: Case Study 1: Ecosystem Restoration
Image by Justin Clark
Read this information to learn more about Ecosystem Restoration.
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Step 4: Case Study 2: The Great Green Wall
Read about one of the effects of the climate emergency, desertification, and find out how local communities are planning to use nature to fight back.
Step 5: Case Study 3: Rewilding in Scotland
max-hermansson-w5uE11FiAc8-unsplash (1).
Read the information about what rewilding is and how it can benefit our natural environments.
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