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Learning Pathway
This learning journey is Inspired by episode one of the BBC documentary 'A Perfect Planet'. This episode focuses on volcanoes, how they affect life on Earth and their link to climate change  and the balance of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. There are recommended video clips to show from the documentary in your classroom, however the activities can work without this resource.
Step 1: Introduction
Image by Marc Szeglat
Watch this introductory clip from the documentary.
Step 2: What are Volcanoes?
Find out what some of the causes of volcanoes are and try to build our tectonic jigsaw.
Step 3: The Savannah Grasslands
Documentary clip introducing how volcanos help the grasslands.
Minute 43.48- 45.45
Step 4: Climate Chaos
Image by Yosh Ginsu
Documentary clip explaining how volcanoes change the atmosphere and how the balance has been upset by human driven climate change.
 Minute 48.36- 50.24
Thank you for joining us. Please get in touch about further ways we can support your learners. We also love hearing your feedback! 
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