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Learning Pathway
Our Planet's Weather
Follow this Learning Pathway with your learners to discover the fundamentals of our planet’s weather systems. Also explore the science behind some examples of both everyday and extreme weathers through reading, videos and practical experiments. Travel the globe to explore some of the ways that climate change is affecting the weather in different regions before taking a look at how the weather can supply us with an abundance of renewable energy.
Step 1: The Sun's Power
Fiery Sun
Discover how the Sun's energy causes wind and helps circulate air around our planet
Step 2: Clouds and the Water Cycle
Image by Pero Kalimero
This 'cloud in a bottle' demonstration shows why high pressure means a clear day, and low pressure will often bring cloudy weather
Step 3: Weather Extremes
Image by NASA
Find out why tornadoes form and make your own in a bottle!
Step 4: Weather and Climate
Image by L.W.
Watch this short video to quickly learn the difference between weather and climate
Thank you for joining us. Please get in touch about further ways we can support your learners. We also love hearing your feedback! 
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