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A is for Air Quality

The air around us is full of tiny particles but they are so small it’s very hard to spot them. Some of these are natural, like pollen, but others are human-made like soot and other pollution from cars and factories. Tune in at 10am to explore the microscopic world with one of our Learning Officers. We will be looking at some high magnification images as well as using a USB microscope to explore everyday things up close!


Build an air pollution trap just like the one we used in the video.

We can also learn a lot about the pollution in the air from the plants which can or cannot grow in certain areas. These are called indicator species. Lichens are really amazing indicator species, click here to find out more!

You can also do a more in-depth survey of lichens and air quality in your area by taking part in the Opal survey!

Edinburgh Scavenger Hunt Photo for Everyone: The brightest lichen you can find!

Don’t forget to tag us in your scavenger hunt photos to enter our prize draw at the end of the holidays!


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