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A is for Astronomy

Throughout history people have gazed up at the night sky and tried to make sense of how the stars and planets got there and why they move! We now understand the science behind these things but in the past people from all over the world told stories to understand what was happening.

Tune in at 10am to meet our planetarium manager for a 30 minute guide to the Solar System and to find some things to look out for over the next few days.


Build an orrery (model solar system) and map the paths of the Earth and Moon as they travel around the Sun.

Learn all both the science and folklore around the Moon. You could also try making up some stories of your own!

Edinburgh Scavenger Hunt Photo: Blackford Hill and the Royal Observatory Edinburgh

General Scavenger Hunt Photo: The night sky, the Moon or you stargazing

Don’t forget to tag us in your scavenger hunt photos to enter our prize draw at the end of the holidays!


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