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T is for Trees

Trees are brilliant! They absorb carbon dioxide through a process called 'photosynthesis' and help us fight the climate crisis. They live for hundreds of years and they provide homes for countless animals! In fact, they create one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world- tropical rainforests!

Join one of our Learning Officers live at 10am to learn about rainforests and to explore some of the bugs and beasties that live there!


Learn to measure the height and age of a tree without cutting it down!

Try our Bug Hunt to find out what’s in your Garden!

Make some fantastic leaf artwork!

If you want to learn about trees and how to identify different species, the Woodland Trust have lots of useful resources!

Edinburgh Scavenger Hunt Photo: Stevenson’s Yew in Colinton (this is the oldest tree in Edinburgh!)

General Scavenger Hunt Photo: The biggest/oldest tree you can find

Don’t forget to tag us in your scavenger hunt photos to enter our prize draw at the end of the holidays!


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