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Learning Pathway
LGBTQ+ inclusive education in STEM
Use this resource to explore the lives and works of LGBTQ+ scientists from the past and present. Introduce learners to some LGBTQ+ identities and to the idea that anyone can be a scientist.

Our resources were developed in consultation with Time for Inclusive Education, Scotland's LGBT Inclusive Education charity. Further resources, pupil workshops, and CPD opportunities for teachers are available for free at and
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Step 1: Who can be a scientist pt. 1
Math and Geometry Tools
Get your learners to call out what they think makes a good scientist. This can be anything; names of scientisits, traits, what they look like, what they do, where they work…
Step 2: Astronomy
Nergis banner image.jpg
Read about Nergis Mavalvala the works she did on gravitational waves and black holes. The try our black hole experiment.
Step 3: Physics
Nuclear power station
Read about Angela Clayton and then do the activity to find out how nuclear power works.
Step 4: Biology
Jesup wagon.jpg
Read about George Washington Carver and his pioneering work in farming. Then try our experiement to discover how plants effect the soil.
Step 5: Who can be a scientist pt. 2
Technology Class
The goal of this learning pathway is to show that anyone can be a scientist. We have many other expert profiles on Dynamic Earth Online, so take a look at those to discuss with the class.
Read the resource below for a profile-creating activity.
Additional resources:
Thank you for joining us. Please get in touch about further ways we can support your learners. We also love hearing your feedback! 
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